Review: REI Co-Op Big Haul Duffel Bag

The REI Co-op Big Haul Duffel Bag is a reliable and sturdy piece of luggage that lives up to its name. I have been using this duffel bag for several months now, and it has proven to be a durable and versatile companion for my travels and outdoor adventures.

One of the standout features of this bag is its construction. The Big Haul Duffel is made from a rugged and water-resistant fabric that can withstand rough handling and various weather conditions. The reinforced bottom adds an extra layer of protection, preventing wear and tear when placed on rough surfaces. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design, as it shows that this bag is built to last.

The spacious interior of the duffel bag is perfect for packing large items or multiple sets of gear. The main compartment offers ample space and is easy to access with the wide U-shaped opening. The interior mesh pockets and exterior zippered pocket are great for organizing smaller essentials, ensuring that everything has its place.

Another highlight of the REI Co-op Big Haul Duffel Bag is its versatility. The backpack straps provide multiple carrying options, allowing me to carry the bag as a traditional duffel or wear it comfortably on my back when the load gets heavy. The padded handles on the sides and top are also a nice touch, providing additional options for carrying or lifting the bag.

One minor drawback of this duffel bag is its lack of wheels. While the backpack straps do offer convenient mobility, having wheels could be beneficial when navigating airports or long distances. However, considering the durability and overall quality of the bag, this is a small trade-off.

Overall, I highly recommend the REI Co-op Big Haul Duffel Bag for those seeking a reliable and spacious travel companion. Its rugged construction, generous storage capacity, and versatile carrying options make it an excellent choice for both outdoor adventures and regular travel. Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or a more extended expedition, this duffel bag is up to the task.