Things on Earth that scientists have yet to solve

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Scientists seem to have studied everything in the world, but they haven’t learned everything yet.

(1) How do cats complain?

No one knows that cats moan when they are happy. You won’t have their heartbeat as they shout. Scientists say cats make their vocal cords and vibrating sounds. The frequency of screams makes them live better and reduces injuries. So cats shout like that when they are stressed and in pain. But clearly, no one has solved it.

(2) Where did some creatures come from?

Many species no longer have their ancient ancestors. No one knows for sure how amphibians evolved from water fish. This is because the first land animals developed limbs and heads well. Dinosaurs are also said to have become extinct after natural disasters 65 million years ago. Looking at that event, where did the mammal species appear?

(3) Do cows have a sense of a compass?

Using Google Earth, we studied images of thousands of grazing cows and discovered a strange pattern. 70% of cows turn their heads north and south when eating and drinking water Terrain. Regardless of the weather and other factors, cattle on all continents were found to be like that.