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(1) Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, bordering a line from Florida. The incident was one of the biggest secrets, as many ships and planes mysteriously disappeared around the area. Although many theories have emerged, including some magnets from the ocean floor and methane explosions, the truth is still unknown.


Cryptozoologists sent scholars to record Yeti’s stories or the Abominable Snowman Tales, but no one came close to uncovering the mythical creature. There are many traces of large creatures and other reports on clear snowfields, but no fossil remains were found.

(3)Lochness Monster

The Lochness Monster, a well-known sea dragon known for being terrifying at its deepest underwater in Loch Ness, Scotland, is the most talked about mystery in the world.

(4) The lost city of Atlantis

The mystery of Atlantis continues to hold the curiosity of people around the world. Atlantis Island is believed to be densely populated. However, as the land was destroyed, the Greek God Zeus gathered the other gods, and because of anger and violence, the entire city and its inhabitants were completely submerged under the sea.

(5)The Mary Celeste

This is one of the most discussed secrets in the world. The ship was found in the sea, and the ship had no lifeboats, no longer had food and water for six months, and it was a ship that no one saw. The sailors on Mary Celeste still can’t figure out what happened.