(5) signs of someone who doesn’t really love you and cheats on you


People who don’t love and have fun tend to leave the other party with a lot of expectations. These tricksters will convince you with sweet words and leave you when they get used to it. That’s why I’m going to show you the signs of people who don’t love you.


1. Disinterest in the relationship between the two
The ones who don’t love you are the ones who tell you to go out and don’t make promises. They also cut contact suddenly without any reason. The reason for breaking up is often blamed on you. Because of this behavior, and insecurity on your part, You will have less self-confidence.
2. Not trying to find out about you
Someone who doesn’t love you will never be interested in getting to know you. It’s just good words, but it won’t be by your side in practice. A person who loves you takes your good and bad as the same as him.
3. Rapid change
A person who doesn’t love you and plays with you today will be honest and the next day will want to cut ties. If you send a message, you don’t usually read it, you just stay cold. He will never sympathize with your feelings.
4. Getting tired
When I’m with someone I don’t love, I’m not happy anymore and I’m always tired. I feel anxious and insecure about when the connection will end. loneliness for you Only sadness will remain and his existence will be lost.
5. Competing boyfriend
Someone who doesn’t love you often has girlfriends competing at the same time. He always has many girlfriends and is not faithful. If you get tired of one, you are not obliged to change and love the other.