Spinach can cure gout

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My grandfather’s friend had a stroke in 2015. When I took an MRI, I was already mistletoe, and the person couldn’t get up well. A monk gave me medicine and worked with faith, and on the (9th) day, he was cured of back pain.

(2017) It’s back to being a thorny mistletoe. Then the MRI was done and it was again a cyst. The person is dizzy and can’t turn around and can’t look down. He was cured in about (10) days when he followed the herbal remedy.

After that, it was done according to the medical method. In 2018, when he had an MRI scan of God again, he was surprised to learn that the first (God’s bone) tumor was completely absent and healed. When I found out about it, I shared a good remedy full of love.

Crush a handful of spinach leaves. Crush a handful of rice. Mix the two and apply it to the area where the sores are. Stick it with paper tape. When you finish covering, please cover it for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. (More time is also available)

This is the medicine. I am happy to know that all the people who gave me this medicine are cured. It is a really good medicine for mistletoe. Please share the merits with the patients near you.