18 Unexpected, Funny Mona Lisa Memes Reimagined By Digital Artists

When it comes to the most famous painting, perhaps 50% or more of us immediately think of Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (80%, I think). Too obvious? Mona Lisa is famous for her mysterious smile, which for centuries has been one of the world’s greatest mysteries in the field of art. It is the world’s most famous, most visited, admired and derided work of art. This famous and controversial painting is so popular that many people want to own their own version. Since then, many digital artists have come up with their own hilarious Mona Lisa memes. There seems to be no limit to creative ideas based on the original Mona Lisa. There are millions of funny and scary versions of The Birth of the Mona Lisa, and she has appeared in many different versions in different situations. Her Photoshop competitions are also held each year with different themes and the Mona Lisa is one of her most selected themes. Check out these 20 super funny Mona Lisa memes now and brighten up your gloomy Tuesday!