5 Animals you were unaware even existed!

Fried Egg Jellyfish

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Achrioptera Manga

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Devil Stinger

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Ghost Shark

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There are probably animals on the earth that you have never heard of or seen because there are millions of distinct animal species. These 5 Animals You Didn’t Know Existed include jellyfish that resemble fried eggs and multicolored spiders that resemble beautiful peacocks.

1. Egg-fried jellyfish

In the ocean, a jellyfish species known as Cotylorhiza tuberculate resembles an open egg. The Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic Seas are frequent habitats for fried egg jellyfish, which may grow up to 16 inches in diameter and has numerous short, vividly colored appendages that resemble clubs.

2. Achrioptera of Manga.

Probably never in your life have you seen a stick insect with such vibrant colors. Achrioptera manga is a dazzling electric blue color, unlike most stick insects, which usually have colors that look like real sticks to mix with woodland habitats.

The males of the A. manga species, which is unique to one woodland in northern Madagascar, become blue or exhibit several colors when they reach sexual maturity. Instead of hiding among the vegetation, this stick insect stays in the open and even uses its small wings to scare off potential predators.

3. Elephant Shrew

This adorable little creature is an elephant shrew. This little African insectivorous mammal can range in length from 3.9 to 11.8 inches.

The elephant shrew is not thought to be a true shrew, despite having a long nose that resembles an elephant’s trunk and a superficial resemblance to shrews. In actuality, elephant shrews have closer ties to elephants than do shrews! They are among the fastest small mammals in the globe. 17.9 mph is the highest speed of some humans!

4. Devil Stinger

Have you ever noticed how untidy a fish is? This is what is referred to as a “demon stinger,” sometimes known as a “devil stinger” or a “sea goblin.” It is a toxic fish species that is closely related to true stonefish.

Venomous spines and wart-like glands cover its skin. It creeps around the seafloor, using the four lower rays of its pectoral fins as legs. It can grow up to 10 inches long and has a knobby appearance. Its sand-yellow or red coloration makes it blend in when found on a coral or sand bottom.

5. Ghost Shark

It is said about the fish in question that it is a “chimera.” The cartilaginous fish known as chimeras also referred to as “ghost sharks” and “spookfish,” are found in temperate ocean depths of 8,500 feet. Chimeras’ facial patterns serve as sensory organs that help them identify prey by allowing them to recognize electrical fields in the water.