Five unique royal crimes from throughout the world are shown.

The Romanov Execution (Russia): The Romanov dynasty came to an end in 1918 when Bolshevik revolutionaries executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family in Yekaterinburg.

The Assassination of King Faisal II (Iraq): In 1958, a military revolution that abolished the monarchy resulted in the assassination of Iraq’s King Faisal II and several other members of the royal family.

King Birendra of Nepal was shot and killed in 2001 during a meeting at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, along with a number of other members of the royal family. Uncertainty still exists regarding the incident’s precise circumstances.

The establishment of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931 resulted in the dissolution of the monarchy in Spain and the exile of King Alfonso XIII. The Spanish monarchy was overthrown as a result, and it wasn’t restored until 1975.

Patty Hearst’s Kidnapping (United States): In 1974, the Symbionese Liberation Army abducted Patricia Hearst, the granddaughter of media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. The Hearst family was regarded as American royalty because of their money and power, even though their crimes weren’t quite royal in nature.